Life hacks – The non-existent shortcut

Life hacks;

Finance hacks;

Food hacks;

Sleep hacks;

“Hacks” is a word often used to refer to the tips and tricks to effect a workaround.

It started off right – Things like “clothes folding hack” helps with our chores. It was useful.

We used these small hacks to improve the smaller things we face in life. Such as household chores or cook a simpler and more nutritious meal.

These hacks are interesting but they are not life-changing. And they do not have to be.

However, somehow along the way, we became addicted to this concept of workaround. We even start using hacks to achieve the bigger things in life. For example, we use sleep hacks – Using power naps to drive away the fatigue.

Sleep is very important for our health. We require a minimum amount of sleep to function properly. There is simply no way around it other than to actually sleep.

The same could be said for our wealth. Just the other day, I saw someone expressing their elation for the discovery of a loophole found in an insurance policy. And they shared it and called it a “finance hack”.

What the discoverer failed to notice is that these are not free money. These are pennies traded for the time and energy to look for these loopholes. To be financially wealthy, we have to educate ourselves and be more productive. No one ever got rich by looking for loopholes in financial products.

It’s as if everyone is looking for shortcuts.

While I am not saying that shortcuts are bad, what I am saying is that there are no shortcuts for some of the things in life. We have to do the bulk of the work. We have to do the 20 to achieve the 80.

Ironically, books are so often dismissed as “lack of practicality” and we take advice from bloggers about “life hacks” who don’t know any better.

“Hacks” are the false shortcuts for lazy people to achieve something big. In the meantime, they lose sight of their true goals.

The tricky thing is that not all shortcuts are labeled “hacks” and we have to keep a keen eye on those.

If you want to lose weight, eat less and exercise more. Not “eat this superfood” or do this “fat demolishing crunches”.

If you want more money, then save more, invest more, learn more. Not look for petty vouchers from insurance agencies.

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