A game developer’s perspective on life

They say, “life is a game”.

Today, let’s take that to the extreme.

1. Rules are freeing

Rules are not bounding. Rules are what makes freedom.

Imagine a game without any limitation. No boundary, no rules. What are you going to do? Life would be boring.

It’s the level limitation that makes a dungeon exciting to enter.

It’s the rumors that make the town worth a visit.

And the paladin class would not be unique if everyone can hold a shield.

2. The joy is in its progression

A game that lets you level up from 1 to 100 instantly is not fun.

A large part of the fun in a game comes from its progression – The monsters you kill and the quests you do to grind your way up. That’s what makes being a level 100 worth it.

3. To level up, kill some monsters

Life is not easy. You have to kill some monsters and help some NPCs in order to gain experience. With experience, you level up. You become better, smarter, and stronger.

To lead an easy life without overcoming any challenges, you will be stuck at the lower levels.

4. Form a party to kill the boss

Some monsters are bigger and badder. You might not be able to beat them alone. So, seek help, form a party, complement each other, and let’s take down the strongest boss.

5. If you die, try again

You don’t quit a game just because you died once.

We should reflect and restrategize. Then, try again.

6. There’s something to learn from older players

They can give you a little push. Perhaps the little finance you need, or the bit of wisdom they impart. Some people choose to follow the standard builds.

Either way, there’s something to learn from their mistakes and successes.

7. Reality is more fun than you think

Why do games even include slice-of-life activities like mining and fishing?

Because real life is fun!

So, go on, journey ahead and enjoy the game called life!

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